Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Illustrious Lama Tsering Wangdu Norbu Rinpoche of Langkor

In honor of today being the tenth day of the Lunar Calendar, ie. ten days after the new moon (tsewa gye, dasami), I am offering today's post to one of my gurus, Lama Wangdu.

Lama Wangdu's biography has been collected by Dharma brother Joshua Waldman, a fellow University of Wisconsin Year Abroad in Nepal alum, and can be uploaded for free at

I took this photo the day before yesterday at an obstacle clearing/ purification ritual performed at the director of the Passage Project's house (the non-profit experiential education program that I work for), to drive out negative forces from the area.

He is from Langkor in South Central Tibet, although he now lives near the great stupa Boudhanath. He is one of the very few lineage holders of the teachings of Phadampa Sangye, the Pacification of Suffering Lineage. As on other important days in the Lunar Calendar (10th, 15th, 25th, etc.) he holds chod offering rituals at his monastery. Being from nearby the birthplace of Macig Lapdron, and having received and accomplished the expansive and profound lineage of chod with the illustrious master Naptra Rinpoche, his performance of chod is well known as very powerful and effective.

We are happy that his lineage continues to spread with ease around Nepal and the rest of the world, as he is associated with centers all over the globe, especially in the USA, at Nityananda in Portland Oregon (which I had the pleasure of visiting last year) and with Rudra Press, which offers some awesome audio/visual media of Lama Wangdu teaching and performing chod.

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