Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dentistry Revisted in Bungmati

Welcome to the old Nepal, open the door to Bungmati dental fun, below!


The famous (in the Kathmandu Valley) village of Bungmati, home of the compassionate Karunamaya (Rato Matsyendranath, a form of Lokeshwar or Avalokitesvara) who brought rain to Kathmandu back in the day. Still honored with the largest and most important festival here, which marks the beginning of the monsoon every year. This festival is in Patan next week, where I hope to hang out with some local friends to check it out.

A typical Newar style chaitya (more generally known as stupa, a reliquary mound) in Bungamati village.

Above chaitya from a different view, funny how much different everything is from a new perspective. I wonder if our consciousness stream works that way too? Whaddya say, Dignaga?


A local Newar i Bungmati getting his teeth looked at by Alice from Singapore.

I gave my camera to some cute local kids to play with, like I do sometimes with the monks in Chapagaon. My Olympus is made extra durable, so I'm not afraid of it getting broken. I myself have dropped it on rocks in Tibet from about 4 feet up and not a (big) scratch. I've learned that although a lot of the shots are worthless that they take (fingers over the lens, etc), many of them are great and uninhibited, and reflect a great amount of fun.

This local peasant farmer has the most badass Mardi Gras party skirt ever.

One of the very few non-Newari locals that came to the dental camp.

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