Thursday, January 11, 2007


sometimes a little thing makes us a bit annoyed, and we don't think to go splash our face with some water and take deep breaths, or apply any other antidote to anger that we may know. another small thing may happen, like we could drop a glass, leave our bag at the office, or someone we are with could be unhelpful, and suddenly these situations compound. typically they don't add, but multiply in a way that comes upon us unexpectedly. we have a certain bowl we like to use in the morning but our roommate didn't wash it since they made spaghetti the night before. we are walking down the road and someone looks at us in a way we don't like. someone won't stop honking their horn outside (a particular annoyance in Nepal). A friend needs a favor from us, it seems like we are always helping them without any reciprocity, and we wonder why we have become friends with this lost simpleton in the first place. We read the newspaper, and the politicians continue to ignore the facts about the world and more people are dying and there are new airstrikes and you wonder when it will be your turn to do some striking of your own to all the fuckers who are constantly trying to get your money or your time or at least make sure you have no peace of mind.

these are the times to look into our thoughts and try to find what it is that we are protecting.

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