Monday, October 15, 2007

Camping in Middle America

I have returned to Louisiana after a two week camping trip through the American Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. We were also able to visit Devils Tower, known as Bear Lodge and so forth by various Native American tribes. It was an a amazing power-place, giving out the magnetizing rays that go by as many complicated or simple names. It was beautiful.

The three of us took turns driving from Louisiana through Texas, north into the Great Plains of Oklahama (night 1), Kansas, Nebraska (night 2), South Dakota (nights 3,4,5), and North Dakota (night 6). Then we headed west through Montana, and down south through the Rocky Mountains, into Wyoming (night 7,8), Colorado (night 9,10,11), and New Mexico (night 12). On day 13, we drove east, arriving back home to Louisiana at 2am, Friday morning (day 14). I am grateful to my father for inviting me on the trip.

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