Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Losar, Happy Mardi Gras!

Feb. 18 was the first day of the Fire Hog year, the Lunar New Year for the Tibetans and Chinese. Therefore I have been hanging around the Boudha area to visit old Tibetan friends, meet with some lamas to make offerings for an auspicious connection in the coming year, and attend some teachings on the BuddhaDharma by His Eminence Phagchog Rinpoche.

Today was also MardiGras, so I am missing my home in louisiana a bit and wishing that everyone has a fantastic time wherever they are, getting in the correct frame of mind to give up hard drinking for at least a little while. I went around and gave the mardi gras beads Chris sent me in the mail to my Nepali and Tibetan friends here, they all thought the shiny prayer beads were quite a novelty.

I am traveling to Dharamsala from Nepal from Feb. 28 til March 15. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is giving public teachings on the Bodhisatvacaryavatara by Santideva for ten days. It should be pretty rad, I'll also get to visit old friends who work for the Emory University Program, Dan and Amber. I'm stoked.

Research has started rolling, a few local Newaris have taken interest in what I'm doing and are helping me out a good deal.

Also working on a journal submission for the Buddhist Himalaya magazine. It will be an historical sketch of the great nonsectarian master Khari Rinpoche of Phadrug, South Tibet. I have until the India trip to finish, which should be a race. Of course.

Hoping all the best for all of you, whatever festival you are celebrating right now!

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