Wednesday, December 27, 2006

about marijuana fields

this photo was sent to me by my twin brother (, and the link below is an article about this meditating 17year old. he asked me to say a few words about him.

this is the famous "Buddha Boy" that has reemerged from hiding yesterday, this time with a sword. Apparently, he has been meditating constantly for many months without eating anything but wild herbs. Some say he is a reincarnation of the Buddha, which makes no sense, because according to Buddhist cosmology BUDDHAS DO NOT REINCARNATE as the media and also the Chinese government likes to think. Buddhas are no longer ruled by the law of the cause and effect of actions (karma), and therefore are out of cyclic existence and do not take rebirth in one of the six realms of existence. Although all beings take rebirth, only very highly advanced meditation practitioners can purposely direct their consciousness to its next birth, like the Dalai Lama. Maybe this kid is a reincarnation of a great spiritual master, but not the Buddha. This is basic stuff.

As I'm living in Kathmandu I haven't gotten out to the remote location he has been meditating, nor do I feel compelled at all to, because as a meditation practitioner I realize that he probably wants nothing more than just to be left alone until he is finished doing what he has set out to do, which seems to be silent quiet solitary retreat for many years. My advice to people who are interested or want to meet him is not to, rather they should go learn some meditation practice themselves from a teacher who is willing to actually talk right now to students, and leave the poor kid alone. That is the reason he disappeared in the first place, and also may be the reason he's carrying a sword now.

a photo of three of the other fulbright scholars with me at the Fulbright South Asia Conference on study abroad last week, held in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Merrilee are in Nepal for 4 days visiting over the holidays, a hop skip and a jump away from Kuala Lampur in Malaysia where my Uncle has been teaching piping design for 6 weeks. Its been fun, and it looks like they are getting a lot out of the new experience and perspective of one of the least developed nations in asia. We've gone for a day trip to the town Bhaktapur in the eastern part of the Kathmandu Valley and today visited Chapagaon, the town where I have been staying in a monastery and also went to Lelegaon, a village at the southern edge of the Kathmandu Valley, because they wanted to see how average Nepalis really lived, and that requires going to the farming villages.

Uncle Bill informed me that there had been some whispers around the family about a picture I have posted of myself standing in front of some very large marijuana plants (gasp!). It is a real photo of me with the real devil weed, clutching the branches of the menace of society in my arms with a great big grin. I have a few things to say about this.
a)marijuana and hemp grow wild all over south asia and other parts of the world, and used to grow wild all over north america as well. for this reason one often encounters it while walking around the hills of Nepal, where the particular photo in question was taken.
b)the marijuana plants in the photo were definately cultivated intentionally, because the buds of the marijuana plant are mixed with grain and other herbs as a particularly affective medicine for goats and cows with stomach illness and indigestion. it is quite common to find some growing or drying around the villages of Nepal.
c)posing in front of large patches of marijuana is funny.
d)even if it were a forest of pot that was being grown to smoke, why is that a big deal? although it is illegal in most countries due to the misinformation of mr. anslinger, medical science has taught us that marijuana when smoked is usually nothing more than a mild high that is nontoxic and has never been fatal, and is much less destructive than alcohol and much less lethal than cigarettes, both of which are abused by millions and kill thousands daily. i personally consider cigarettes to be the most dangerous and personally destructive of all substances that can be consumed, next to poisons.
e)regardless of people's opinions, i have been completely clean of any drugs, or marijuana, or any other smoke, or even a drop of alcohol for the past 5 months, and will continue in this lifestyle for the next 5 months, as i have taken a strict vow for the said period.

lets move beyond the stigma and demonization of marijuana, there are much more important things to think about and waste our breath on.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!1 next time you visit the reincarnated buddha boy get an autographed 8x10 for me! i'm his biggest fan & i own ALL of his statues

James said...

Even though the demonization of marijuana might not be the most important thing on your mind, you are contributing to it when you call cannabis “the evil weed.”

This magic herb has been used in healing through the centuries—all the way up to recent times. In fact, marijuana prohibition in the United States only goes back to the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. This was passed because the large chemical companies led by Dupont stirred up the frenzy of “reefer madness” throughout the country, by conjuring up racist images of hugely endowed black men raping the white daughters of the middle class.

Why would the chemical companies oppose marijuana? It was its sister plant that they were aiming at, the huge hemp fields that produced fiber. Hemp was not only used at that time to make rope and sails for maritime industries, but also clothing, as well as being pressed into molds to make auto parts.

They were about to introduce plastics on a massive scale, and they wanted to get rid of hemp as their chief competitor. One of the major opponents of this anti-marijuana legislation was the American Medical Association. The doctors were upset because the government was removing a very useful medicine from their medical bags.

Then in 1970, Richard Nixon became alarmed by anti-war demonstrators passing joints around as if they were peace pipes, so he ordered the Controlled Substances Act to be passed, classifying marijuana as a Schedule One drug, next to heroin. Something akin to saying that a wine cooler and 90 percent proof alcohol are equally harmful.

Today, there are thousands of medpot patients throughout North America who are allowed by the laws of the jurisdictions they live in to grow their own medicinal marijuana. So far eleven states and the Government of Canada allow the use of medpot.

Perhaps with the switch of power from the Republicans to the Democrats in Washington, more and more state legislators will have the courage to vote for medicinal marijuana use within their borders. Already, thirteen state nurses’ associations have called upon the lawmakers in their states to do so.

If you are suffering from a debilitating illness such as AIDS, cancer, migraines, neurological pain, epilepsy, glaucoma, or any chronic pain, you should be growing your own medicine.

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I’ve used Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom in order to grow 100% organic cannabis. Since I have tracheal cancer, I have to use an inhaler to vaporize the cannabis buds which contain the THC.

In addition to the Iguana basic fert, I also administer root colonizers and some growth enhancers to my pot plants. Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice contain bioactive ingredients that grow in and around your root systems in order to aid their growth and ability to absorb nutrients.

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The trio of Grandma Enggy’s Humic Acid, Golden Honey Fulvic Acid, and her Seaweed Extract have a synergistic effect on cannabis plants, enhancing their growth, vibrancy, bud formation, and general health.

Humic Acid takes its name from humus, which is the rich, organic material contained in the best growing soils. Actually, the two suggested acids are derived from “leonardite,” which is a hardened organic substance that has to be mined from deep under the surface of our planet.

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Rather than curse your illness, self-medicate yourself. Cannabis is much better medicine than the addictive substances supplied by Big Pharma, which prove to be ineffective with constant use, and might very well kill you before your time.

michael smith said...


Wow! I appreciate your very well informed and sincere comment. Unfortunately we don't always get our implicit meaning across in type; I was being very tongue-in-cheek when I called cannbis the "evil weed," and "menace of society," poking fun at the old government propaganda campaigns against the herb.
I am actually a big proponent, like yourself (but much less educated and personally affected), of the decriminalization of marijuana.

Regarding Big Pharma, it is of utmost importance to find preventatives and alternatives to daily dosing of drugs that severely alter the body's biochemistry. I have met many people who cured themselves of various disorders, like narcalepsy, eating problems, insomnia, mild depression, high blood pressure, through meditation and yoga, which is my main avenue of alternative medicine. I am still in a beginning stage with my personal practice, but I believe that a secular form of yoga and meditation practice should be made available to all people. A well-balanced healthy lifestyle and outlook is a very powerful preventative medicine.
This kind of balance may also include firing down a joint every once in a while, as well. :)

marijuana doctors said...

Since 1970, medical marijuana has been classified by the federal government as a Schedule I drug—which means it has no known medical use. Perhaps the government officials in charge of drug scheduling should take a look at research from University of California's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.

The research firm, which is dedicated to conducting high quality scientific studies intended to ascertain the general medical safety and efficacy of cannabis, presented a report earlier this year to the state Legislature that concludes marijuana without a doubt has a therapeutic value in treating pain.

The report concludes that five studies, published in peer-reviewed medical journals, show the value of marijuana for pain-related conditions. The studies focused on illnesses where current medical treatment does not provide adequate relief or coverage of symptoms Here’s what the studies found:

* A study published in the journal Neurology found that smoked cannabis reduced pain in HIV patients.
* A different study published in Neuropsychopharmacology also found that medical marijuana provides pain relief in HIV patients.
* A study published in Journal of Pain found that marijuana helped reduce pain in people suffering spinal cord injury and other conditions.
* A study published in Anesthesiology found that medium doses of marijuana can reduce pain perception.
* A study published in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics found that vaporized marijuana can be safe and patients preferred it to smoking.

These studies are a only handful of the countless studies that prove the effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana. It is erroneous to say the least that the government still considers marijuana to have no medical uses. It is clearly an effective medicine that should be available to patients everywhere.