Wednesday, November 15, 2006

working on the computer with little monks everywhere getting into my stuff and having a blast. they love to sit with me and watch me type or upload photos or translate, which is how i spend a lot of my afternoon unless i'm bouncing around kathmandu or the countryside on my motorcylce to meet someone or entertain or be entertained.

the spiritual epicenter of the neighborhood where big brother chris will be spending the next two months, the bodhanath stupa, the largest buddhist monument in nepal and one of the largest (and oldest of its type) in asia. VIBIN'.

i let some of the little ones take my digital camera (i got this model because of its durability and shockproofness) and run around taking photos of each other. this is one of the particularly cute ones (that was actually in focus) that came out.


vanessa tobert said...

hey mike, its vanessa. i'm in thailand right now and about to do some traveling. i'm wondering if you know what your schedule might be (if you have any idea) over the next few weeks/months, maybe I can meet up with you somewhere? btw, my new email address is i hope that all is well with you. judging by your blog i'd guess that it was . . .
with positive energy,

Daniel T. Smith said...

I just read the article about the national party day in Nepal because Prachanda just signed the deal with the government. It's sweet you and Chris are there for such a coolass thing. I know you've been waiting for this for years. Awesome!

Breathing said...

blog looks good! nice to hear you are settling in at the gaun. life in mad town is rocking, writing is going good, and i hope to be back there next fall.

sherabray said...

hi mike,
this is ray from malaysia. Phakchok Rinpoche was my guru too...n he is coming kuala lumpur this 26th... currently in singapore. contact me by msn massenger or email :