Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Nepali friends Shyam with his guitar and Santoshi.

The front of Ram's DVD rental shop. I stayed upstairs with Shuchin last summer and a while this summer, but due to overbooking, I've been crashing in Ram's room the last few weeks. I'm completing my move out, though, and am excited to finally get to Chapagaon. Still waiting on the motorbike repairs to be finished at the shop.

The inside of the best DVD rental shop in Kathmandu, with a suprising selection of French New Wave, Kirasawa, Buddhist films, Hollywood and Indie pictures.

A rather pretentious photo of me during morning mental calistenics. Daily practice makes all the difference.


Anonymous said...

Eat some potatoes!

Love, Meghan

dan the goat said...

may we all live up to this photo ;)